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When the Days Feel Long

It’s that time of year. The honeymoon of the school year has long gone, children are devouring the candy they collected at Halloween, and you survived Parent/Teacher Conferences. Now, you begin planning for the Christmas program, all while surviving on coffee and mourning the loss of daylight. Yet, you still have energy to engage in ministry. You know the importance of relationships and providing for your students. You fill many buckets, and you need yours filled, too.

When the days feel long, remember the following:

The ability you have to teach is a special gift. Not all people have the gift of teaching. You entered into a profession that is special, unique, and rewarding. Yes, there are challenges, but hopefully the positive moments outshine any darkness. You have been given a gift that serves Christ and others; wear your gift proudly!

Always let your light shine. Even on the days when you think you have little energy, look for what is deep inside you and let it shine for all it’s worth – because, after all, it’s what God planted in your heart. May your smile be so powerful that it replicates on someone else.

You are a refuge for many. Teachers are loved and respected in so many ways. For many children, you are like a parent, and they love and trust you. In a world that is full of darkness and craziness, be the one who is steadfast and sturdy; protect His lambs with tender Christian care.

Your work is for the Lord. Teaching is not easy, but it is priceless. As your vocation to serve God and others, your work in the classroom is far-reaching. Know that the lives you touch each day do indeed make a difference. Wake each morning eager to serve, and end each day in gratitude for the ability to serve.

The Lord will provide you with the strength you need. May the Light of Chris dwell in you richly and provide you with all you need – energy, strength, ideas, words – whatever it may be, ask God. He knows your needs and well provides. God loves you more than you can ever imagine!

As the season of fall moves into winter, know that you have a God who never changes. His grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness is with you, and your students, every moment of the day. When the days feel long and dreary, look for His Light – it’s a Light that shines brighter than anything else! His Light is a light that shines for you!

Dr. Drew Gerdes serves as Early Childhood Principal at Concordia International School (LCMS) in Shanghai, China. Before arriving in Shanghai, Drew was a teacher and administrator in the LCMS Missouri District. Drew is passionate about Lutheran schools and early childhood education.

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