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Things I Wish I Knew Before the Convocation

Coming to the LEA Convocation is an experience. Professional development and spiritual growth opportunities abound. However, people often miss many aspects of the convocation because they can’t always find the appropriate information. We will share tips for the next few weeks to help you prepare for your whole experience. Today we will focus on pre-gathering tips.


  • When choosing Thursday and Saturday’s sectionals, remember they are Featured Speakers whose topics relate to the whole ministry of the church and school. These would be great to attend together as a faculty or department.
  •  It can be overwhelming to look through the list of 175+ sectionals available on Friday, looking for your specific ministry areas. Did you know that you can find the sectionals targeted to your area(s) by going to Friday Sectionals by Target Audience?
  • After you register, if you need to adjust your registration, you can do so by going back to the registration site. You can change hotel roommates, sectional choices, or if you plan to attend the banquet.
  • If you haven’t registered, don’t forget to register before September 1st, which gives you a discount as part of the Early Bird Registration. 
  • Need questions answered about your registration? Contact the LEA office at (708) 209-3458 or lea@lea.org. 
  • Don’t forget, If you join LEA for the year (more on benefits in two weeks), you receive a discount on your convocation registration.

 Planning Your Days:

  • Once registered, you can find helpful information in two places: LEA Convocation (on the LEA website), and Convocation Registration.
  • A third place for information will be the app (available September 1st). You will be able to plan your day with a personalized schedule, browse exhibitors, maps, and general convocation information. The app is free and you can download it from the App store. Download the ‘Guidebook’ application from the App store. From this application, tap “Download Guides.” Enter “2022 LEA Convocation” in the search bar to find and download our guide. 

Changes to the Convocation

  • A significant change from previous convocations is that there will be only one banquet this year, which is Thursday evening. We will also provide brunch on Saturday morning
  • Dinner on Friday evening will be on your own. That evening provides an opportunity for you to experience Milwaukee with faculty and friends. Need ideas for places to eat? The following are all within a reasonable walking distance of the Milwaukee Center.

You’ll find fun deals and passes to help entertain you here:

If you need help making dining plans, the helpful crew from VISIT Milwaukee will be on the ground floor of the Wisconsin Center on Thursday and Friday to assist you.

  • Saturday morning, we will have a closing worship service (no communion) after the brunch.

Additional Information:

  • Plan to spend time in the Exhibit Hall, where you can view the latest products and services that will assist you in your teaching.
  • Exhibitors will be presenting information about their companies and products in an Exhibitor Theater located in the Exhibit Hall. More information will be available on the website and app in the coming weeks.
  • A STEM area will be included in the Exhibit Hall with hands-on experiences.
  • Friday Lunch will be available for purchase, in various areas, of the Wisconsin Center. We are mindful of allergies and particular food concerns. Please check the app for information on food stations.

And finally, look for more tips and information next week, as we discuss Things I Wish I Knew During the Convocation. 

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Denise is the Director of Educational Resources for LEA. She is new to this position having served 35 years as a Lutheran educator in Florida and Missouri. Denise’s interests, besides education and ministry, are travel, walking half marathons, and eating excellent food.

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