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Visit LEAconnects for access to all LEA resources. It’s easy to search and browse. LEA members have unlimited access to all LEAconnects resources.

LEAconnects resources include:

  • Our magazine, Shaping the Future
  • Our LEAnews and Network Tips of the Week
  • Our weekly video devotion, Words on Wednesday
  • Our full archive of monographs and webinars
  • Much, much more

Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future has changed! It is now being published once a month as an in-depth article. The feature article, written by experts in the field, will still include questions designed for staff discussion or individual reflection. 

The magazine contains interactive advertisements for businesses and agencies that support Christian education. Visitors to LEA are invited to view the current article and past issues.

If interested in writing, see the Writer’s Guide.

tips of the week

LEAnews and Tips of the Week

Every week, we curate “best of the web” lists for educators and send them directly to our members’ inboxes. These are articles and resources from various creators. We choose each to serve the needs and sensibilities of those who teach in Lutheran settings. Members receive LEAnews and “Tips of the Week” for areas of interest.


Weekly Devotions

Start your week with a devotion written fresh for you by author and educator Ed Grube. Teachers love these devotions for their personal improvement. But they also find their way into staff meetings, prayer circles, and Bible studies throughout the schools and churches where educators serve. LEA also publishes Guest Devotions from a variety of authors. If you would like to write a guest devotion, please contact LEA.

Networks and ListServs

LEA members can join groups with ongoing via email conversations over email concerning their particular areas of interest inside Lutheran education. Additionally, each network participant receives Tips of the Week, a “best of the web” list explicitly curated for them.



Webinars are available on a variety of topics and are available on LEAconnects. LEA members have unlimited access to all webinars.


LEA’s weekly blog focuses on timely educational issues. Our contributors apply their Christian perspective to topics of significance to educators and encourage a healthy discussion.

Want to Share Your Knowledge?

We have opportunities for writers and presenters. Pitch us on your idea!