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Welcome to LEA’s first blog post on our NEW web site! I’m sure you have already noticed significant changes in our approach to www.lea.org. This has been a work in progress for over a year. We are excited about the many new features and benefits aimed at LEA members, at the wider Lutheran education community, and at our colleagues, friends, and partners in ministry around the world. 

LEAven is the name of our new blog venture: rising to address educational topics. The blog is intended to 

  • regularly feature writers who serve in a variety of contexts
  • encourage meaningful feedback and interaction among anyone wishing to participate
  • raise topics related to Lutheran education ministry that are timely, relevant, and stimulating for all whom we serve

Why are a new blog and new web site being launched now?

CHANGE!  Everyone has experienced it in unimaginable ways this past year.  My entry into the “COVID era” was unknown and unexpected.  The picture attached to this post was a selfie taken at the top of St. Peter Basilica in Rome on January 28, 2020: one day before participating in a meeting of two international education groups seeking to identify common elements across Protestant and Catholic education.  What an impressive window to the world of Christian education, even as my visual impression of the Vatican was memorable!  

It was also a memorable week for Italian citizens.  January 31 was the first day the COVID-19 virus was identified in Rome.  By the beginning of March, it had already spread throughout the country … the very time that Americans began to realize the significant affect it was having on our lives … and Lutheran education.  This was truly a challenge being experienced worldwide.

Despite all the negative effects of the COVID pandemic, Lutheran educators have fought back and risen up in miraculous ways.  I’m sure you have many stories to tell about resilience at your school, in your home, and around your communities. LEA hopes to make it easier for us to talk with each other, share stories, access resources, and feel like we are ONE again.

LEAven is for YOU!  This will not be a typical blog expressing only the opinions of one person or even just one organization.  We intend to feature writers from a broad spectrum of fields related to Lutheran education ministry and with a broad range of perspectives. It is also a place for you to offer your own ideas and respond to authors on a regular basis.  This YOUR means of sharing and staying in touch.  

Don’t forget to also make the best use of LEAconnects, our Virtual Exhibit Hall, and all of the benefits introduced on our NEW web site, www.lea.org.  Lutheran Education Association is here to link, equip, and affirm educators in Lutheran ministries.  That’s YOU … and we’re glad you are here to interact with us and with the rest of the world.

Welcome aboard!

Jonathan C. Laabs, EdD

LEA Executive Director

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Jon is the Executive Director of LEA. He has served in that position since 1997. He previously served as Director of Education at Concordia University, Ann Arbor and 15 years as teacher and administrator at schools in Texas and Michigan. Jon is actively involved as a speaker, consultant, board member, and collaborator with schools and organizations on six continents.


  1. c on March 11, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    Though my wife has been a part of LEA for years, I have never been. I am wondering if we have an organization that serves LCMS High Schools like North Star Academy https://www.northstar-academy.org/faq/ ?

    Also I am wondering if any of our LCMS high schools are using them to fill in the blanks?

    • Jonathan Laabs on March 15, 2021 at 4:07 pm

      LEA is pleased to serve Lutheran educators at all levels. You may also wish to check out ALSS (Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools) for specific support of leaders in Lutheran high schools. https://www.alss.org

  2. Tom Wrege on March 24, 2021 at 12:47 am

    Thanks, Jon. This new feature is a timely addition to everything LEA already does to support Lutheran education and all of us who serve in its schools. I can see this as really taking off and providing a launchpad for creativity, innovation, and great spiritual conversations.

  3. Jonathan C. Laabs on March 25, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    We invite comments, ideas, and suggestions from everyone. The future of Lutheran education is in all of our hands!

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