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Children as Ushers, Greeters, and Helpers in Other Capacities Never Imagined…

 Advocate for Children Being Servants During Worship and Beyond    As I mentioned in the first blog, I’m...

Christian Vocation

In my last post I discussed the roundabout way I got into teaching. This time, I’m going to...

Some Ideas to Have Children “Up Front” in your Congregation’s Worship Services

Part I – Children as Lectors Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,...

That Reminds Me: Countless Ways to Think About God in the World

Just look around.The examples and artifacts that surround you can help you live within the Christian biblical worldview....

Rest-Based Living

Since March of 2020, I’ve heard a lot about self-care and stress management. I’ve heard statements thrown around...

Show and Tell

Do you remember the good old days of show and tell, the excitement of some unknown object from...

Getting Together

Nothing has frustrated me more during the past 13 months than not being able to get together in...

The Lens of Your Classroom…Having Your Own Children in Your Class

I began my first year of teaching more than two decades ago. I thought I was a good...

Revitalizing Our Mission and Ministry

Dr. James Dobson wrote in the November 1990 issue of Focus on the Family magazine titled Children at...