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Thankful or Grateful or Both

Every November we start to see the signs. Not leaves in the yard or cooler nights, but those...

Punch Line

I am afraid for Lutheran schools. People who know me probably expect a jab of humor about now....

I Wear a Tie; Here’s Why

Growing up in North Tonawanda, New York in the ’60s and ’70s – I have such good memories...

Trust and Joy

I was on an airplane last week. Takeoff went as usual. The plane gained speed. The engines got...

Same But Different: The Need for Reassurance

Education is a profession that is scientifically crafted yet artistically delivered. There are research-based practices known to be...

Clear Vision

As I type this post I find myself between two eye surgeries for cataracts. My left eye had...

Using Children’s Artwork and Photography in Worship Services

Illustrating the Scripture Lessons with Children’s Artwork  Many congregations use digital projections to show hymn texts, Bible readings,...

Movement Matters

Kids at my school greatly look forward to an annual event we call “iMove.” Teachers and volunteers spend...

Digital Citizenship

Over the course of history, Lutherans have purposefully used the media to share the Gospel message. For example,...