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Do You Have a Dog?

“Do you have a dog?” asked the five-year-old, red-headed boy. I never expected such a simple question from...

Your View is Critical

I hope you’re laboring in the place you belong, doing what you long to do, and doing it...

Influencing the Faith in Families when you are JUST the Classroom Teacher

You have your students 7 hours a day, 5 days a week—mainly for academics. But you know your...

How Will I Ever Make It?

These are interesting times; perhaps times that you have never thought you would be a part of. Whether...

Is This Kid Going To Be OK?

As a special education teacher, I have been asked this question many times. You have all asked this...

LEAven … Your New Window to the Lutheran Education World

Welcome to LEA’s first blog post on our NEW web site! I’m sure you have already noticed significant...