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Struggling Readers

If you teach young children to read, you are a hero. Learning to read is a complex process....
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Using Hymns to Teach the Faith

Part II – The Hymn of the Month Why We Study Music and Hymns in Lutheran Schools  It...
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Being There

I was struck by the reporting of an incident in a New Jersey charter school a couple weeks...
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“I Want to Tell the Story”

One of the first things I was told not to do as a student teacher was to bring...
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Love In Any Language: Simple Strategies for English-Language Learners

Love, conversation, and meaningful relationships should be significant components of any Lutheran school classroom. God’s love is shared...
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The Mentor and Protégé – a Relationship Builder and Blessing

We all have mentors in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Most of us could name...
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Using Hymns to Teach the Faith and other Subjects

Part I – The Hymn Talk Teaching the Faith through the Hymnal  The hymnal is a substantial resource...
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Gift, Bless, Equip

Gifting children Bibles, catechisms, or hymnals and instructing on how to use them is a fantastic ministry that...
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In Your Name We Pray and Play…. Amen!!

Upon completing college my main focus has always been directed to the classroom as an educator and ways...
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