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The Power of a Smile and the Art of Relational Kindness

I sit in my office very early each morning. It is my time to be alone and to...

Retirement Questions Are More than Just Financial

Leslie has turned her entry for our blog over to Paul Snyder from Concordia Plans. Many thanks to...

Some Ideas to Have Children “Up Front” in Your Congregation’s Worship Services Part III – Drama in the Chancel

A Little Drama Goes a Long Way The word drama comes from the Greek word dran that means...


Seems that governing bodies have been messing with health issues in every age. Also seems like many of...

Thoughts on “Sheltering,” Teaching, and Indoctrination

Over the many years I was in the teaching ministry, both as a teacher and administrator, I had...

We Are Not Alone

I didn’t have many expectations of the summer Olympics this time around.  I couldn’t imagine the “games” happening...

Walk Up Music in School?

If you’ve ever attended a Major League Baseball game (or many other sports for that matter) you are...

3 – 2 – 1 … Blastoff! Starting the Year Off Right for Students with Special Needs

As the next school year approaches and you begin to survey the students on your class list, do...

In Danger of Extinction?

As I write this blog, I recall a hymn that I learned from my grandmother when I was...