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How Will I Ever Make It?

These are interesting times; perhaps times that you have never thought you would be a part of. Whether you are currently teaching virtually, have done it in the recent past, or are dreading a possible move to distance learning, you have likely pondered the question, “How will I ever make it?”

For early childhood educators, the joy of teaching comes from the smiles of students, social interactions between peers, and activities that are hands-on. The early years are focused on learning about self and one’s community role in a classroom. There is singing, painting, lots of reading, and..well, so much…togetherness!

If you are teaching virtually, exactly how much “togetherness” is really happening? Google Classroom, emails, and Zoom connections are not exactly what one would want a Pre-Kindergarten student to have her day filled with. In fact, you may be actually in a type of “mourning” if you are not physically with your students. You love them! You care about them! Being with them for face-to-face learning is what you want to get back to – or not let go of! These feelings are okay; do not be embarrassed by them.

Remember, you are doing the best you can based on your current circumstance. It is difficult to meet the needs and schedules of each student and family when you cannot control their own daily schedule, the stress level of parents, or their level of participation. However, you can control your mindset and the resources you provide!

As an educator in Lutheran education, you know the value of faith-filled content; you know the importance of hearing about God’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. You have other gifts and talents that you enjoy sharing with your students. Perhaps you are good at playing the piano or excellent at being animated while you share read-alouds, or caring while you help a student overcome anxiety with math. Keep doing what you enjoy doing – what you are good at. God provides avenues for His servants to continue to carry-out His mission and ministry – even during a pandemic!

When the stress of teaching, technology, and maintaining relationships becomes a bit overwhelming, take a deep breath and pray. God knows your needs and listens as you share your feelings. The pandemic can never overcome God; His power and might are just what you need to refill your “bucket.”

Start tomorrow refreshed. Start tomorrow knowing you are a rockstar. Start tomorrow knowing that you are using the gifts and talents He provided you so that you may touch the hearts, minds, and lives of your students. Start tomorrow knowing God’s got this covered!

Photo Credit: School photo created by master1305 – www.freepik.com

Dr. Drew Gerdes serves as Early Childhood Principal at Concordia International School (LCMS) in Shanghai, China. Before arriving in Shanghai, Drew was a teacher and administrator in the LCMS Missouri District. Drew is passionate about Lutheran schools and early childhood education.

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