Educators We Serve

Our Networks


Leadership Network (LEADnet)

For education leaders at all levels.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Educators Network (ECEnet)

For teachers and administrators in early childhood programs through grade 2.

Elementary School

Elementary Teachers Network (ETnet) 

For teachers of grades 1-8

Middle School

Middle School Educators Network (MIDnet)

For teachers of grades 6-8

Secondary School

Secondary Educators Network (SECnet)

For educators in all departments of Lutheran high schools.


Retired Lutheran Educators Network

For retired church workers and those thinking of retirement. 


Parish Educators Network (PEN)

For those serving in education apart from school ministries as a part of their service to schools or independent of service to schools. 

Examples: DCEs, pastors, DCOs, deaconesses, teachers in additional service as youth workers, Sunday school leaders, VBS directors, etc.

Education Students

Full-time undergraduate students pursuing a career in church work to be early childhood teachers, elementary teachers, secondary educators, DCEs or pastors.