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Exciting New Changes are Coming to LEA!

LEA is in the process of transitioning to a new Membership Database!

It will debut in the next few months.

Effective January 1, until the database is ready,

if you need membership help,

please contact the LEA office at or 708-209-3343.

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Why LEA?

It's the organization for Lutheran educators. It links, equips, and affirms as you go about your daily tasks in the classroom or at church.

LEA is relational and supportive in its work to help church workers as they carry out ministry.

Benefit from resources, community forums, and events custom-made for you.

If you’re an educator in a Lutheran setting, you teach in a tradition that reaches back to Martin Luther. Your work in classrooms, churches, and homes rests on an enduring foundation — one that’s made a difference in millions of lives.

But Lutheran education is about more than the past.

We work in the moment, responding to our students, their parents, and the world as it presents itself today. And we look to the future, too. We’re curious, eager to facilitate true innovation for the sake of our students.

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LEA strengthens the ministry of educators in Lutheran settings through resources, community engagement, and events.

LEA members receive a steady stream of resources, take part in conversations with educators around the globe, and receive discounts to events and products that help them do their best work.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 - Sign Up

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Step 3 - Receive New Resources

Fresh weekly devotionals plus custom-curated web lists

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Resources + Relationships + Inspiration

We gather both in-person and online!

LEA member advantages

Bi-weekly news reports
Tips of the Week curated for your area of expertise
Weekly print and video devotionals
Webinars conducted by educators worldwide
Access to archive of thousands of articles, devotionals, and videos
Online interaction with like-minded educators
Discounts to LEA’s live and online events (our triennial LEA convocation)
Member discounts to other events or resources
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