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Advent Tips for Teachers

It hit me by surprise.  The other evening, I was looking on YouTube for a song by a group I am going to see in concert soon, and there it was…right below the video I was looking for, I saw a video of a CHRISTMAS SONG that group had recorded recently!!!  Is it really that time already?  Well, while we’re not there yet, it won’t be long. We are coming up on Advent and Christmas.  The experienced teacher knows how hectic this time can be.  The new teacher is about to find out! How can we maintain a multi-faceted balance that allows us to accomplish much, stress less, and enjoy more all that is coming our way in the next number of weeks?  Here are three brief ideas that might be of assistance.

First, budget time and money. Are you traveling?  Are you driving or flying?  Who is traveling with you?  How much do you have to spend for travel, presents, and lodging?  Plan in advance to reduce the potential stresses of the season.  Who are the key people you know you want to spend time with? What can you afford to give as gifts this year?  Again, plan, plan, plan!

Second, journal your experiences.  The thoughtful recording of experiences and ideas can be useful in a number of ways.  It can help make choices in the immediate context.  It can help you better understand things that happen over the course of the season.  It can help you next year as you prepare for gatherings and activities.  Journal now; then pull it back out and review it in six months, then again in nine months.

Third, give THE Gift!!!  Those who are God’s children by grace through faith in the person and work of Jesus, the Savior, have the greatest gift of all to give in the coming weeks.  We have the gifts of salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life in Christ.  We live in a world that is hurting tremendously these days.  Through our teaching ministries, we are connected with people who need to know the great truth of God’s love in these days when love can be so hard to find. Give, and give generously; for, “unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given!”  There can be no doubt that this is the season to proclaim “Glory to the newborn King” to a lost and desperate world.

May God richly bless us with His peace, presence, and grace in the ever-nearing days of Advent and Christmas!

Rev. John Greene grew up in north central Florida. He has earned a B.A. from Concordia University-Texas, an MDiv. from Concordia Seminary - St. Louis, MO, and a M.A.T. from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. He has one son, Adam, who is presently in Optometry School. John and his wife Nancy (Adams) live in St. Louis. John’s interests, along with ministry and education, include music, coaching athletics, and shortwave radio listening.

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