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About Lutheran Education Association

Linking, equipping, and affirming educators in Lutheran ministries

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An Association for Christian Educators who Value a Lutheran Lens

Your students — those faces, those open-hearted souls hungry for knowledge and inspiration — they’re your life’s work and legacy. Each one is a gift, no matter who they are (or how much of a challenge they can present).

Each day, you put all your energy into awakening their curiosity, fascinating them with truths about the world they live in and the One who made it all. Your hope? To inspire, guiding them down the path to become the men and women they’re meant to be — fully committed to God and His purpose for their lives.

You believe in your students, and we believe in you.

Lutheran Education Association is here to support everyone who wants to give their best to students every day.

Grow in Your Calling with LEA

Since 1942, Lutheran Education Association has been helping educators give their best. We’re deeply rooted in our heritage, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past.

We know that technology, world events, and situations beyond our control affect how we teach. We’re here to keep you informed and inspired. Through LEA, educators remain in touch with current trends and ideas without losing their grasp on biblical Christian worldview.

For you, our resources are:


Academically grounded

Relevant to today’s world

Created by educators, for educators, every week

LEA values the diverse population of educators in Lutheran ministries. Those who become LEA members enter into an ongoing conversation that takes place amongst educators throughout the world.

Our community includes those:

Studying to be educators

Currently serving as teachers and administrators

Serving in more than one ministry

Teaching teachers at the college level

Who have entered into retirement

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A deep well of resources. A constant stream of fresh inspiration.

We’d love the opportunity to welcome you into our community.