Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future is published three times each year. Together with feature articles, writers contribute articles of special interest to each of the Networks. News, letters from the Executive Director and the editor, and questions designed for staff discussion or individual reflection are included. The magazine contains interactive advertisements to businesses and agencies that support Christian education. Visitors to LEA are invited to view current and past issues. See the Writers Guide too.

Shaping the Future Quick Index Winter 2020

Enjoy the Winter 2020 issue of Shaping the Future!

Feature: The Frontlines of Spiritual Warfare by Marie MacPherson (includes a link to a PLUS feature)

Feature: A Primer on Professional Learning Communities by Tim Walz

Feature: LEA Convocation 2019 Recap

iWhy Feature: Why Do I Still Teach in a Lutheran School? by Jonathan Bolt

LOL Feature: Electrifying by Chuck Strohacker

ECEnet: STEM in the Early Childhood Classroom by Julie Bedard

EncourAGEnet: The Excitement of Retirement by Rich Cohrs

ETnet: Students Love Projects by Sara Maxon

GLEnet: A Long Road to Hong Kong by Richard Carter

LDnet: English Language Acquisition or Learning Disability? by Kara Bratton

LEADnet: A Critical Piece—PD for Governing Boards by Thomas Wrege

MIDnet: Electives in Middle School by Verne Schultz

PEN: The Space Race by Becky Peters

SECnet: To Game or Not to Game… by Kimberly Lavado

Book Review by Martin Barlau: Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman

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