Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future is published three times each year. Together with feature articles, writers contribute articles of special interest to each of the Networks. News, letters from the Executive Director and the editor, and questions designed for staff discussion or individual reflection are included. The magazine contains interactive advertisements to businesses and agencies that support Christian education. Visitors to LEA are invited to view current and past issues. See the Writers Guide too.

Shaping the Future Quick Index Winter 2018

Enjoy the Spring 2018 issue of Shaping the Future!

Vision. Blessing. STEAM!
Feature article by Jake Hollatz

Tools for Talking With Students About Disability
Feature article by Mona Fuerstenau

What Did I Get Myself Into?
Feature article by Denise Rice

The Challenges of Retirement
Feature article by Rich Cohrs

Grandmothers, Mothers, and Wives
Humor by Chuck Strohacker

Taking the Pain Out of Playing Time
by Jill Schmitzer for AMDnet

For Prekindergarten Reading Success: Auditory Training Using Musical Instruments
by Margaret Beyer for ECEnet

Grow a Teacher is Blossoming
by David Ebeling for EncourAGEnet

All Kids are Geniuses and Genius Hour Proves It!
by Sara Ipatenco for ETnet

Learning is a Treasure
by Karin Semler for GLEnet

Proficiency-Based Education: A Paradigm Shift
by Jim Scriven for LEADnet

Being Flexible About Flexible Seating
by Kara Bratton for LDnet

Winning Souls, Lighting Fires
by Jonathan Kamin for MIDnet

STREAMing Through Summer
by Mariana Knea and Jill Schutz for PEN

1+3=Dual Credit Program
by Don Gillingham for SECnet

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