Faith Factors Podcasts
Faith Factor podcasts were recorded without an audience as a special on-demand series in honor of LEA's 75th anniversary. Use the podcasts to enlighten Sunday school teachers, children's ministry staffs, teachers, and others who participate in your educational programs. LEA members have regular access to many more webinars--live and in archive. Consider adding LEA membership to your professional development opportunities.

Faith Lessons by Kim Marxhausen
Basic and foundational Lutheran teachings: solas, justification and sanctification, and law and gospel

Note: Download Faith Lessons handout in .pdf or Faith Lessons in .doc prior to watching the podcast.

Stay True by Greg Hasseldahl

This presentation considers how to keep straight what we’ve learned in God’s Word. As we serve children and their families these are some things to keep in mind when selecting curricula, songs, hymns, plays, and musicals for your congregation or school.

   Time and time again, Christians who are thoughtful and faithful have gotten sidetracked from the clear truth of the Gospel and have gone down paths they hoped would bring about a deeper understanding of God’s love for us, only to discover that they came to a dead end, and brought others with them!

   This webinar isn’t an exploration of Gospel denying heretics who consider everything about Jesus Christ to be a myth. Rather we’ll consider four common errors that regular folks like us sometimes make as we try to live out our faith in the Savior. Together we’ll briefly explore how to recognize the dead ends, see why they’re dead ends, and understand what makes them damaging for those who are young in the faith, whether they’re children or new adult Christians.

For your convenience ... download the presentation here in pptx.

Classroom Management by Kim Marxhausen
Learn about God's advice for teachers and leaders, balanced discipline, motivation, tips and techniques, relationships, and more.

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