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resentations... Teachers to Teachers series

Early Experiences with Teaching Remotely
Teachers Cody Collier, Kiara Denholm, Erin Rogers, Drew Gerdes, hosted by Kim Marxhausen, discuss ministry in the new world of remote learning. Topics include challenges as well as surprise benefits that just might change assumptions about teaching going forward. (April 2020)

Reimagining Assessment in the Year of COVID-19
This series of three 15-minute discussions facilitated by Dr. Kim Marxhausen, feature elementary teachers Erin Rogers, Kiara Denholm, Cody Collier, and EC administrator Dr. Drew Gerdes sharing ideas about how assessment looks different under new circumstances.

  1. Report Cards 2020
    If assessment changes, then the way we report it needs to change too. Consider your situation as your colleagues discuss how to navigate report card changes and support and provide parents with the information they need about the progress of their children.

  2. Shining the Assessment Light in a Different Corner
    Schools assess what they value. Students learn with less familiar methods for teachers to see the skills of problem-solving, metacognition, and self-regulation in a fresh light. This articulate discussion reveals the current opportunity to share this realization with parents.

  3. Looking Ahead to Next Year
    As educators determine which skills were taught and which were left behind, minds turn toward next year’s class. Teachers need to consider which skills need more review, and how to pass along useful information to colleagues. Listen while these Lutheran educators plan for the next steps in the COVID-19 teaching experience.

Looking Back on Distance Learning 2020
If there was ever a school year that could benefit from a healthy debriefing, it’s this one. The year began in the classroom and finished in the home with much scrambling, innovation, and problem-solving in-between. Join Dr. Kim Marxhausen and four Lutheran administrators/teachers: Suzanne Braun, Julian Petzold, Krista Barnhouse, and Aimee Dierks as we seek, in three quick conversations, to examine and learn from a remarkable year full of twists and turns.

1.   Growth that Comes from Challenge
This year is an excellent example of how we wouldn’t want to go there if we could see the future. Yet, when we look back on how we handled things, we have an opportunity to see how God has helped us to grow. This group of educators found that meeting the emotional needs of their students and families became essential. This discussion points to a shift from helping students to fit a system toward adjusting the way of doing things to equip individual families.

2.   Finding the Inner Problem-Solver
Few people develop problem-solving skills outside of real-life problems. This year, with its abrupt pivot to new ways of teaching and learning, provided much opportunity to develop this skill. Our educators noticed new ways of staff collaboration, hidden gifts among teachers, and an abundance of actions offering support in a chaotic, emotional time. Click and listen to examples of Lutheran educators at their best.

3.   Creating New Partnerships with Parents
When things go well, it is easy for parents and teachers to do their separate jobs and leave each other to their own work. The last few months reinvigorated the commitment of Lutheran educators to work in partnership with parents. Listen in as these educators discuss how they learned to equip families to teach everything from faith to reading to sex education. Perhaps this experience will rekindle a new kind of partnership between schools and families.

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