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Weekly Devotion

LEA Weekly Devotion

Week of January 21, 2018
National Lutheran Schools Week

Phil. 2:1


Happy Lutheran Schools Week. Read more.



Devotion from the Past

LEA Devotion from the Past (2009)

Week of January 21, 2018

2 Peter 1:16a


You are incredible! 

Guest Devotion

Advent, Another New Beginning

I am having breakfast looking at the beach. Our team is one game away from winning the championship. The rainy weather lifted in the night, but it is still cool and windy as the pressure gradients realign after the front passed through. Snow in Dixie, who would predict that event. It was a scrappy match last night, but we held on to win. The other team will go home. There is disappointment, but not bitterness. Life is better without bitterness. The second guessing, blame, failure play into the devil’s hands. Despair can be a dark place. It may subdue the mood, but despair should not kill spirits. Yet, no adventure in life is undertaken without some risk, the potential for disappointment.  Still, victory without risk is much less satisfying. For that matter, we live in a world which often makes victory dangerous. It gives victory a singular value that is not as all-encompassing as the world would like us to believe. I am not saying winning is not a joy, but it is not the only joy. The challenge of playing well, learning via new insights, and comradery, all are powerful as well. It is a difficult argument.

Advent becomes a great season for the church as it reminds us of God’s plan in sending Jesus to tell us there is a tomorrow. To point out that there is still hope out there even though some chapters in the previous year have been completed. Childhood may be over, someone we love may be gone, there is no longer time to improve my tax situation, and for students the semester is over and the grades are in the book. We can learn from these examples in making new beginnings when the past enables us to make change. Too often, we simply fail to adjust. Resolutions are merely short-term adjustments. We fail to take advantage of our new beginnings. Further, I am not sure age and experience even help that much. Sometimes it seems as if it just gives us more to regret.

That is why the miracle of God becoming man is so powerful. That is why the Creator knew it would take something powerful to change us, to accept his love and forgiveness that allows us to be saints despite of our sin. So, it is good that the church marks this coming of the Lord. To tell us our own wills and victories are not the main thing. The main thing is that we are loved, joy in the creator’s friendship, protection, and direction that are all still available. The adventure of life is there for us to embrace. Advent is a season to remind us of who we are and what we can offer to each other.

Finishing my pancakes, sipping my second of coffee, and watching the blue sky over the gulf are part of my adventure today. The defeated team-mates are coping with the disappointment of failed victory by picking up life again. Smiling, recounting the good moments, looking forward to going home are all part of the new beginning. I once heard that the winners of the Super Bowl are pretty much back to normal life within a few days. They may be a little richer and they do have a ring. But the memories are more about how they and their team played the game that day. We all need powerful reminders of the past if we are to live new adventures in the future. Well, it is time to go see how warm it is on the beach, to find some seashells for the grandchildren and consider how refreshed by this adventure. I can now love and serve the creation that Advent calls me to be part of again this year. This was a good adventure, thank you Lord!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

George Guidera                                                                                                                                                Advent, 2017