Weekly Devotion

LEA Weekly Devotion

Week of January 17, 2021

Remote Learning

Ps. 71:12; Acts 17:26-27

Remote learning? It's not as new as everybody thinks.  Read on...

Proverbs for Teachers

LEA Proverbs for Teachers series

Forget the Creek

Prov. 19:21

How God's will became mixed up with rising creeks, we'll probably never know.  Read on...

Prayer Page

LEA Prayer Page



You may request a prayer for yourself or someone else. Use only the first name (even if the prayer is for you.

Names will remain on the list for two weeks unless otherwise requested. Lists will be refreshed each weekday.

Email prayer requests to ed.grube@lea.org

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    • Family of Carol… 42-year Lutheran school teacher now in heaven. 9/13
    • LEA Convocation creative team… Safe travel and productive meeting next week. 9/25
    • Sympathy for the family of former Lutheran teacher Mel Zoch, who went to be with Jesus. Praising God that he is now with Jesus!
    • For our nation – all details in the upcoming election, the process to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, and for peace, as so many cities are facing turmoil through the protest movement
    • Be with our teachers throughout the land in this unprecedented time, that they would remain healthy and encouraged
    • For Concordia University Wisconsin, as they begin the Call process to find a new President. Blessings to Dr. Ferry as he anticipates retirement!
    • For pastor/principal relationships in our Lutheran schools, that they would by in unity with missional hearts, to understand and promote the equipping of our students through Christian education
    • Teacher Allison and Paul... recovery from Bell's Palsy now positive for COVID-19 and several staff members and a student who also tested positive. 10/8

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