Weekly Devotion

LEA Weekly Devotion

Week of August 16, 2020

Is. 54:11

Are carbuncles a sore subject or a soar subject?  Read on...

Proverbs for Teachers

LEA Proverbs for Teachers series

Who is the Teacher?

Leave it to the Romans to develop some pithy proverbs.  Read on...

Prayer Page

LEA Prayer Page Procedures

   You may request a prayer for yourself or someone else. Use only the first name (even if the prayer is for you). Include a general description of the need. Sample:

Lutheran schools—that they are a special blessing during the pandemic

Names will remain on the list for two weeks unless otherwise requested. Lists will be refreshed each Friday.

Email prayer requests to ed.grube@lea.org

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Week of August 9

Bruce… healing from a fall and strength to deal with the results of a stroke.

Educators in Lutheran schools… an effective combination of grit, enthusiasm, health, and faith to start the new school year.

LEA staff… vision, skills, and courage to lead LEA through changes to improve what it does for members and education ministries.

Grow a Teacher… advancement and effectiveness of the Grow a Teacher mentoring initiative.

Print prayer list.