Resources for Members

LEA resources are a benefit for members of LEA. For membership information, click here.

LEA resources include the following:

Three types of devotions for educators are available: New weekly devotions, devotions from the past, and guest devotions (when available). Weekly devotions and devotions from the past may be printed in PDF. Weekly devotions are also automatically sent to members who receive LEAnews.

LEA Networks sponsor webinars related to the interests of their participants. Presenters include professional educators serving schools, early childhood centers, universities, and professionals in fields related to the sustainability of Luther education. Nonmembers may participate in LEA webinars for a $40 fee per webinar. Live webinars are recorded and archived for later use. In addition, several On Demand Webinars are available for use with groups.

Shaping the Future
This online magazine is published three times each year. Together with feature articles, writers contribute articles of special interest to each of the Networks. News, letters from the Executive Director and the editor, and questions designed for staff discussion or individual reflection are included. The magazine contains interactive advertisements to businesses and agencies that support Christian education. Visitors to LEA are permitted to view current and past issues.

STF PLUS and LEA Monographs
are essays on a variety of educational issues and practices, often related to a companion article in Shaping the Future online magazine.. The former LEA Monograph series archives reflect both the changing and changless faces of Lutheran education.

The library currently stores back issues of all Network publications, Network documents, LEAnews, weekly devotions, and more.