About EncourAGEnet

EncourAGEnet's purpose is linking, equipping, encouraging, and celebrating post-retirement service.


LEA EncourAGEnet was established in 2008. Among the Network's goals are to

·        prepare LEA members for post-retirement service

·        showcase examples of post-retirement service options

·        disseminate information about opportunities for service and resource people and  materials

·        encourage LEA connection to non-members by offering access to an e-mail distribution list, website, and Shaping the Future magazine.

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EncourAGEnet Bulletin

Ask a prayer. Be a pray-er… The Prayer Page is now part of the Devotions drop-down under the Resources tab. You may need to scroll down the page. Please follow the procedures outlined there.

Be sure to see the EncourAGEnet article in the fall issue of Shaping the Future: Four Short Stories by Tom Couser, Renee Grube, Pat Marshall, and Barbara Schubert.

Memory questions seem a special change these days, so maybe that’s motivation to read What Will We Remember from This Pandemic? (Tim Elmore in Growing Leaders).

Speaking of memories… 50 Things Today’s Kids Don’t Know About (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

Let a blog lift the fog… Anxiety and the Pandemic (John Eckrich in CPH Blog).

Hmm… When Does Old Begin? (Ward Tanneberg). Did your answer match the writer’s answer?

Closing devotion: Who is the Teacher? from the Proverbs for Teachers reprint series.

August 13, 2020

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You’ve been waiting for it… Here’s the August issue of Rich and Charlie Resources.

LEA's New Teachers-to-Teachers Racism VideosLearning in Tension— Information, video links, & resources here. 

Another form of prejudice… The Dangers of Generational Prejudice (
Ward Tanneberg).

Science and religion discussions…
Not That Simple (Drew Rick-Miller in Science for the Church).

“New” feature—Prayer Page… LEA is returning to a popular former feature—a Prayer Page. How will it work? Take a look.

New devotional series… Proverbs for Teachers replaces the From the Past series, freely available to EncourAGEnet subscribers. Starting at the Beginning, based on Prov. 1:7 is now available.

Bible readers… Former district ed exec Gene Brunow has a devotional blog to nurture your faith. See GenesBrunotes: Growing in the Word.

A few chuckles before you go…
Kids’ Funny Bible Quotes (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

August 6, 2020

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