About EncourAGEnet

EncourAGEnet's purpose is linking, equipping, encouraging, and celebrating post-retirement service.


LEA EncourAGEnet was established in 2008. Among the Network's goals are to

·        prepare LEA members for post-retirement service

·        showcase examples of post-retirement service options

·        disseminate information about opportunities for service and resource people and  materials

·        encourage LEA connection to non-members by offering access to an e-mail distribution list, website, and Shaping the Future magazine.

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EncourAGEnet Bulletin

Interesting approach… Some Science Behind Sin (Drew Rick-Miller in Science for the Church).

Read through the Bible (again?)… Walter Wangerin, Jr.’s The Book of God isn’t new, but it remains a fresh retelling of the Bible, reading much like a novel. Even if you’ve already read the Bible several times—or wanted to—you’ll have a hard time putting this book down. (This is the editor’s opinion—not a paid ad.)

Some fun… 7 Socially Distanced Activities for Seniors (S&S Blog).

EncourAGEnet Bulletin will start its vacation next week. Look for the next issue on August 6—unless we have some breaking news before that.
I will include EncourAGEnet subscribers to the mailing list of weekly devotions. If you are an LEA member, you will receive two copies of the emailed devotions. This will occur until we’re back to a normal schedule in August.

June 25, 2020

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Gone Fishing… Retired devotion retired, at least for the summer. In its place, you have access to the new Gone Fishing series. However, unless you enjoy fishing—even if it’s only in your dreams nowadays—you may not find the devotions relatable. They have nothing to do with education—like getting away from the job (in a boat) and leaving your cell phone behind. Catch it here. If you would like to tackle the new Summer Excursions devotional series instead of or in addition to Gone Fishing, hook up with Say, Dad, Remember the Time…?

Keep up… The latest issue of Lutheran Education Journal is at your fingertips. See the online version now.

Not a Hawaiian good-bye… But ALOA—Adult Lutherans Organized for Action—is a good place to visit. Explore it now.

Make another acquaintance… Faith Family Reunion.

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