About EncourAGEnet

EncourAGEnet's purpose is linking, equipping, encouraging, and celebrating post-retirement service.


LEA EncourAGEnet was established in 2008. Among the Network's goals are to

·        prepare LEA members for post-retirement service

·        showcase examples of post-retirement service options

·        disseminate information about opportunities for service and resource people and  materials

·        encourage LEA connection to non-members by offering access to an e-mail distribution list, website, and Shaping the Future magazine.

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EncourAGEnet Bulletin

It happens… When Suffering Strikes Your Story (Trevin Wax in Kingdom People).

A view on the new year… Not Magic, But Not Nothing (Samuel James in Letter & Liturgy). (@Challies)

Moving in a positive direction… Science Is on Our Side. Life Begins at Conception… (Paul Strand in CBN News).

This week’s “retired” devotion: “Big Foot” from 2007.

January 16, 2020

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You are welcome to read all of the latest Shaping the Future, but you might especially enjoy A Long Road to Hong Kong by Richard Carter.

Into a political year… 2020 & Your Political Cage Match has some advice (Eric Davis in the CRIPPLEGATE).

History and religion… 1,700-Year-Old Christian Church Uncovered in Ethiopia… (Leah Marie Klett in The Christian Post). Hmm…. More on Ethiopia in Acts 8:27–39. For more on what’s happening there today, see The Lutheran World Federation or the LCMS Ethiopia page.

Unpleasant but informative reading… The Impact of the Opioid Epidemic on the Aging Services Network and the Older Adults They Serve (National Council on Aging).

This week’s “retired” devotion: Selective Hearing” from 2009.

January 9, 2020

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