About EncourAGEnet

EncourAGEnet's purpose is linking, equipping, encouraging, and celebrating post-retirement service.


LEA EncourAGEnet was established in 2008. Among the Network's goals are to

·        prepare LEA members for post-retirement service

·        showcase examples of post-retirement service options

·        disseminate information about opportunities for service and resource people and  materials

·        encourage LEA connection to non-members by offering access to an e-mail distribution list, website, and Shaping the Future magazine.

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EncourAGEnet Bulletin

EncourAGEnet Bulletin is back. We hope LEA’s EncourAGEnet Bulletin will lead you to informative and interesting resources. Oh… feel free to embellish or comment on any of the tips. Just use “reply to all” or create a fresh post to encouragenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.

Use your LEA colleagues to provide advice or solutions to your retirement situations, questions, and issues. Post to encouragenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.

The 2019 LEA awards cycle will accept nominations beginning August 6. See the awards page for links and additional information on the 14 categories of awards.

Not on the newsstands everywhere—but it should be! Rich and Charlie Resources for August. And this, too: Back to My Roots…Kind of by Ron Bork on the retired Lutheran educators page of the Fall 2018 Shaping the Future.

It’s about us… The Graying of the Church (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

Every day is something! You might enjoy this listing of August observances (S&S Worldwide).

If you remain in wonderment at God’s many wonders, you might enjoy the information at DavidRivesMinistries. Lots of reasons to praise God! You  might want to pass their Creation Club on to grandchildren. As always, we advise sound doctrinal discretion.

Retired LEA devotion… Since this publication is especially for retired educators, perhaps you would enjoy access to a retired LEA devotion. How about “Text Messages from 2004 based on Luke 11:1–13?

August 9, 2018

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