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A different and challenging Epiphany spin…
The Wise Men Packed Up Their Privilege and Slipped Out the Back (Aleta Payne in Faith & Leadership).

For all grade levels…
An Inauguration Day…provides ample curricular topics (Lauren Barack in K-12 DIVE). It also provides ample opportunities to practice a Christian biblical worldview. What do you plan to bring to the discussion?

Rare is the educator who doesn’t face conflict…
Here is An Elementary Approach to Facing Conflict (Ron Edmondson). What Christian element also needs intentional practice?

A month away…
Lent begins on February 17… Start thinking about how you will observe this penitential season with your students. Building Faith Does Lent 2021 may offer some adaptable ideas (buildingfaith).

A little history
(which has nothing to do with Lutheran education)… A History of Teacher First Ladies and Presidents (Madeline Will in EducationWeek).

So say the see sayers…
These 8 Trends Will Impact Schools in 2021 (Roger Riddell, Naaz Modan, & Kara Arundel in K-12 DIVE).

January 15, 2021

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New on lea.org

·         ETnet and PEN weekly publications

·         LEA weekly devotion “The Star in Your Room” based on Matt. 2:10–11. You may go directly to the pdf version here or check it out on LEAconnects.

·         Proverbs for Teachers reprint “Forget the Creek” based on Prov. 19:21. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

Word of caution… Discernment Danger (Peter Mead in Biblical Preaching/Tim Challies A la Monday Carte).

On vocation… Something worth sharing with your students—and their parents… The
Christian Vocation Within the Culture (Alfonso Espinosa in CPH Blog).

Getting to Know Them…
The Kids of 2020 (Dale Hudson in ChurchLeaders).

Eye witness account… Remember last summer’s storms? Hear it first hand in
An Encounter with Derecho (Frank Parris feature article in Shaping the Future).

Don’t miss the OMT… which stands for Online Mission Trip, coming up soon. Check out Giving Kids a Hands-On Outreach Experience (Megan McDaniel in the Global Lutheran Educators page in Shaping the Future).

Write right… How to Write a Professional Email (Richard Nordquist for ThoughtCo.)

January 12, 2021


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