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Speaking of convocation registration The links below will assist you in the registration process. And watch your weekly network publications for tips and highlights specific to network content.

·         Tips for an (Almost) Hassle-Free Registration

·         A master list of sectional titles and descriptions

·         Time slot worksheets

·         Lists of sectionals by audience

How is your learning environment? How important is it? Why Lunch, Exercise, Sleep, and Air Quality Matter at School (Sarah D. Sparks in Education Week).

How can you not read this? Don’t Wrestle With Pigs (Thoughts on Handling Criticism) (Scott Sauls in ChurchLeaders).

March 22, 2019

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NEW at www.lea.org …

·         GLEnet, ETnet, and PEN weekly publications

·         LEA weekly devotion “Single Mindedness” based on 1 Peter 1:3–13. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

·         From the Past… devotion: “Petty Pity” from 2002 based on Psalm 143. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

Convocation highlights…
Check out the happenings at a glance. Both keynoters—Dr. Jeff Myers and Sally Lloyd-Jones—are authors, and both have important messages to share with us. And be sure to get registration help with Tips for an (Almost) Hassle-Free Registration before you start your sectional selection process.

Podcasts… LEA’s podcast production has slowed a bit due to a press of other business, but we want you to know of two upcoming offerings. “
Christian Reflection & Application on the Latest Leadership Research” will be available after April 9, and “ABCs of Defending Your Faith” will be available after May 7. But right now, you can access the most recent podcasts (and less recent too!).

Communicating with colleagues… Check out three tips from ExchangeEveryDay.

Important questions… Despite the title these questions might be good for all staff. 20 Important Questions to Ask Your Volunteers (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry.)

March 19, 2019



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