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Following up on last week’s emoji cautionary statement,
see resources from Emoji Kids Ministry (CTA). (Thanks to Jane Fryar for this lead.)

No news is…
well, no news, which is what it will be on Friday, April 27. The next issue will be on May Day.

The time is right for you to read “What Did I Get Myself Into?” by Denise Rice. To avoid cutting staff, the obvious solution is asking teachers to teach outside their areas of expertise. Are you facing the challenge of a new assignment outside your area of expertise? Denise has some insights on how to handle this.

More on describing and understanding Gen Z characteristics: Gen Zs Stare Into the Phone (Relevant Children’s Ministry).

On Christian biblical worldview… While most of the following reformed sources need your Lutheran discernment, some may inform you in the struggle to address worldviews other than Christian biblical:

  •        Axis:  This ministry has a “Cultural Translator” email they send weekly that provides insight into ways culture is influencing students.
  •        The Colson Center features a daily radio and email commentary called Breakpoint. It focuses on timely issues occurring in culture in relation to the Christian worldview.
  •        All About Worldview: This website serves as an excellent resource with information about the Christian worldview as well as the major non-Christian worldviews
  •        The Dennison Forum provides a daily email that thoughtfully addresses issues of the day with biblical truth.
  •        Sean McDowell is the son of renowned apologist Josh McDowell. His website includes numerous articles on various worldview/apologetics topics

(Thanks to Roy Faletti for this lead.)

April 24, 2018

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NEW at www.lea.org

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·         Shaping the Future Spring 2018 issue

Good for kids… See Tools for Talking With Students About Disability by Mona Fuerstenau, one of four feature articles in the new issue of Shaping the Future.

Rescheduled webinar… Curriculum Alignment—the Purpose, Process, and Resulting Product was rescheduled for Monday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. (CDS). You may register here.

For good measure… Managing Family Time While Doing Ministry (ChurchLeaders).

String along with THREAD, which Lutheran Hour Ministries bills as “an open and honest conversation about life, faith, and Jesus.” It’s relevant—and a bit edgy (in a healthy way).

Innovation… 5 Tools to Present Content in Non-Traditional Ways (Tech&Learning). 

About religious education… Making the Transition: The Effect of School Sector on Extended Adolescence – a report from Cardus.

On integrating faith… Give some thought to See the Story, Live the Story (CACE).

April 20, 2018