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Ready, set, go…
  10 Back to School Tips for An Awesome Year (Shelly Terrell in Tech&Learning).

Too late for this? Maybe not…
Why Seating Charts Matter for Student Success (Kevin Behan in EdSurge). (ASCD SmartBrief)

Get more help! In addition to the resources offered through your LEA membership, you have many relevant resources available through LCMS School Ministry through LuthEd.
Go to LuthEd and click on the “Resources” drop down tab. And if you’re working with youth, be sure to see youth ministry resources too.

Going through NLSA? Good for you. Okay, so groan if you must. But also see
Loving Accreditation (Diana Meers in Shaping the Future). Care to think even beyond accreditation?

Convocation reminder: Register now! Putting it off? See Eyes, Mind, and Heart in “The Countdown is On” Early bird discount ends September 1.

Did you know you could revise your sectional choices? Start here, and look for “Existing Registrations.” Click on “edit,” and scroll down to the sectionals that you chose. Then make and save your changes. #leaconvo

August 20, 2019

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Convocation update: Register now! Putting it off? See Eyes, Minds, and Heart in “What’s in Your Suitcase?” Register by September 1, to save money. Good news on the hotel front… all hotels except for the Drury Inn and Suites still have rooms available. Hotel reservations may be made only through the official registration process.

If you’re getting something you don’t want via any of the LEA network listservs, please don’t report it as spam. The easiest way to be removed from a list is to ask ed.grube@lea.org. You can remove yourself too. Follow the directions that appear on most of the weekly templates.

Say it again… Why a Good Pastor-Teacher Keeps Repeating Himself. Or Herself. (Joe McKeever in ChurchLeaders). (Warning: This could result in longer sermons.)

Good and bad… The Blessings and Burden of Social Media (Paul Chappell in Ministry 127).

A pile of help… See edutopia’s collection of back-to-school articles and videos.

If you email (silly me), you should see 10 Tips on How to Write a Better, More Professional Email (Richard Nordquist for ThoughtCo).

News some of you have been anticipating… Evidence Increases for Reading on Paper Instead of Screens (Jill Barshay in Proof Points/The Hechinger Report).

August 16, 2019

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