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Another new generation designation… Welcome Generation Alpha (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

Congratulations… Among winners of The Herb Kohl Educational Foundation awards (Wisconsin) are Lutheran school principals John Schultz and Sam Seefeld. Teachers included are Valerie Bremer and Robin Roeske. (Thanks to Greg Hasseldahl for this lead.)

The advent of lent is upon us… Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Here is a Lenten litany from LCMS that you may wish to use for faculty or student devotions. (Thanks to David Bever for this lead.)

More to church attendance than attending church… See Barna’s State of the Church.

A word about the Word… Welcoming the Word Every Week (Trevin Wax for TGC). Then maybe enjoy a little closing music.

“If a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, then all of life is a parable with a spiritual meaning implicit in it. As Lutheran educators, we are surrounded by spiritually loaded incidents and events every day. We can help students learn to see the spiritual intersecting with the secular by addressing selected events” (Russ Moulds in “What’s Lutheran About Lutheran Teaching,” A Teacher of the Church).

February 21, 2020

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·         LEA weekly devotion “Speak of the Devil” based on 2 Cor. 11:14. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

·         From the Past devotion “It Worked!” from 2010 based on Jonah 3:9–10. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

Live… with a little help from LCRF:
Choose Life by Gregory Seltz.

Why Christian Movies are Gaining More Viewers and Higher Earnings (Stephanie Martin in ChurchLeaders).

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Apologies? See
When the Church Apologizes for Its Beliefs (Trevin Wax in TGC). You might also see ABCs of Defending Your Faith, an LEA podcast by Brad Alles). More? Apologetics is in LEA’s DNA: Why Apologize? Engaging Challenges to the Faith for Educators in Lutheran Ministries, an LEA eMonograph by Michael Eschelbach.

“The Christian teacher has the special responsibility before God of weighing the content of what is being taught to see if it shrouds the light of God’s truth. If it does, the error must be exposed no matter how popular or attractive or winning the subject matter is” (Charles Blanco in A Teacher of the Church, edited by Russ Moulds).

February 18, 2020

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