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Be sure to see the latest issue of Shaping the Future, especially the GLEnet article A Long Road to Hong Kong by Richard Carter.

Mmm, good…
The Language of Lunch (Erika Johnson in ASCD In Service). (ASCD Global Edition)

Finland shines again? The Teacher’s Role in Finland’s Phenomenon-based Learning (Tara Garcia Mathewson in The Hechinger Report and Mind/Shift).

History and religion…   (Leah Marie Klett in The Christian Post). Hmm…. More on Ethiopia in Acts 8:27–39. For more on what’s happening there today, see The Lutheran World Federation or the LCMS Ethiopia page.

Dear Kathy… as so many of you would say—and it’s not just a greeting on an email! Kathy Slupik is indeed near and dear to your hearts, and even more so as she retired on December 31. How we will miss her! With her help, LEA staff is putting together all the loose ends we need to close as she and husband Pat transition to retired life in Wisconsin. We would appreciate your help too. As of January 1, please direct all email to lea@lea.org that you would normally send to Kathy—including any farewell greetings. (We’ll collect them, and present them to Kathy at her retirement celebration in February.)

January 17, 2020

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Network leadership teams phase out; network task forces phase in. Network leadership teams served for many years as advisors and workers for respective listservs, vetting nominees for awards, helping with the convocation, and the like. LEA is grateful for their service, which was tied to 3-year terms. Various task forces will replace leadership teams and they will focus on completing a project or initiative within a specified time frame. For example, vetting nominees for the 2020 awards will be completed in two weeks’ time by the 2020 Awards Selection Task Force, composed of participants in EncourAGEnet. Several task forces are in planning stages for special projects identified with specific network interest areas.

Help children share the love of Jesus with others. LEA’s Sharing Jesus podcast by Mona Fuerestenau.

Lose nothing in the translation? 6 top Tech Tools for World Language Classes (Elena Spathis in edutopia).

From South Korea… How to Create a Classroom That’s a Safe Space for Failure (Michael Bycraft in EdSurge/ASCD Global Edition SmartBrief).

Advent & Christmas bonuses

So, He Sent His Son to Save Us! By George Guidera

How Could You, Lord? By Martin Barlau

Get three Christmas devotions from the past!

December 13, 2019


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