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Our goal is to connect educators from around the world who serve in any Lutheran education position.  We offer FREE access to this network as a gift from LEA. Simply click here to complete the very simple registration form.

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GLEnet Tips

Tips is (are?) back. We hope LEA’s tips will lead you to useful resources with minimal effort and time. We also hope to slant some of those tips towards awareness of where they fit in with the Christian, biblical worldview. Oh… feel free to embellish or comment on any of the tips. Just use “reply to all” or create a fresh post to glenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.  

Use your LEA colleagues to provide advice or solutions to your teaching situations, questions, and issues. Post to glenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.

Be sure to see Phil Frusti’s Year 51: The Harvest is Still Plentiful on the GLEnet page in the new issue of Shaping the Future. Browse the entire magazine too!

Get a copy of 2018/2019 chapel talks from our friends at LeadaChild/Kids Helping Kids. Take time to browse around their entire website too. While it’s on your mind, get your copy of the LCMS Chapel Talks for 2018-2019 too.

Teaching about China? See Using Inquiry to Teach About China (Doug Young in Education Week Global Learning).

The 2019 LEA awards cycle will accept nominations beginning August 6. See the awards page for links and additional information on the 14 categories of awards.

Have you encountered this? The Unteachable Moment (ExchangeEveryDay).

Get to know your students
with a Back-to-School Survey (education world). Consider adding one question to the 10 provided: What do you know about Jesus? If you are using the PDF provided, you could just dictate this question.

August 10, 2018


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