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The Lutheran Junior Honor Association (LJHA) LEA designed LJHA for Lutheran schools to recognize students who exercise leadership, servanthood, and discipleship, while excelling at academics and to foster these qualities through service projects and other activities. More detailed information is available here. Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in LJHA-chartered schools are eligible.

Certainly on your minds… Where China’s Crackdown Leaves the Hong Kong Church (Morgan Lee in CT).

About the children… Through Kids’ Eyes: Virus Outbreak Brings Sadness, Fear, Joy (Martha Irvine in AP NEWS/Accomplished Teacher).

Global education… Thinking Globally in Schools is Essential Right Now (Nuzhat Uthmani in tes/ASCD Global Edition).

Summer devotions… You have access to the new Gone Fishing series. However, unless you enjoy fishing—even if it’s only in your dreams nowadays—you may not find the devotions relatable. They have nothing to do with education—like getting away from the job (in a boat) and leaving your cell phone behind. Catch it here. If you would like to tackle the new Summer Excursions devotional series instead of or in addition to Gone Fishing, hook up with Say, Dad, Remember the Time…?

The Lutheran Education Digital Futures & Learning Project—an LEA initiative—has completed its first sessions. Seventeen schools from 15 states, Canada, and Vietnam participated in the first workshop led by Dr. Bernard Bull. Each participating school gained a deeper understanding of current challenges and opportunities, a greater awareness of digital learning, and future possibilities. Each developed a school-specific vision for digital learning and a plan to make that vision a reality over the next 6–12 months. Watch for a whitepaper that summarizes lessons from this pilot phase of the project and additional resources. More cohorts will be selected for the project later this summer.

GLEnet Tips will start its vacation next week. Look for the next issue early in August—unless we have some breaking news before that.

June 19, 2020

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How do you bring Christian worldview into your lessons? Check out discussion starters from biblicalintegration.com. And more: How to Integrate a Biblical Worldview in Any Classroom (Teach4the Heart).

Global definition… Coronavirus, the Definition of Global and Climate Curriculum (Dylan Craig in EducationDIVE/ASCD Global Edition).

Eyes, Mind, and Heart characterized the 2019 convocation. They come to you now with some especially encouraging words. Let Eyes, Mind, and Heart briefly visit with you on YouTube.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…
Reimagining Assessment in the Year of COVID-19… LEA’s Teachers to Teachers YouTube presentations:
Report Cards 2020, Shining Assessment Light in a DifferentCorner, and Looking Ahead to Next Year. Features your colleagues in Lutheran schools.

When is too busy too busy? Shepherding in Life’s Parentheses (Daniel Brendsel in CT). Not quite a quick read but important for anyone in ministry. Like you.

Now open… Pandemic Poetry Plaza. Consider sending ed.grube@lea.org an original poem that touches on your pandemic experiences. Student poems are welcome too. Poems are not vetted for literary quality—simply an opportunity for self-expression.

May 15, 2020

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Read it... Spring’s Shaping the Future. You might be especially interested in Teaching at a Christian School in a Communist Country (Naomi Vogt on the GLEnet page.) Among other articles is a feature by Jonathan Laabs: New Hope for Lutheran Education.

Watch it!... Early Experiences with Teaching Remotely. See Cody Collier, Kiara Denholm, Erin Rodgers, and Drew Gerdes hosted by Kim Marxhausen in an inspiring discussion of ministry in the new world of remote learning. Topics include challenges as well as surprise benefits that just might change our assumptions about teaching going forward. (LEA’s new Teachers to Teachers series.)

Keep Me and Keep All prayer video clip on death by Bob and Kurtis Smith with guest Dennis Dino.

Good to remember… What Children Need Most in a Pandemic and Always (David Michael in Tim Challies blog).

Concordia International School Shanghai will begin searching this month for our new Head of School. This position will start service at Concordia Shanghai in July of 2021. The new Head of School we seek will be globally-minded, a strong communicator, empathetic, energetic, and innovative. He or she must be an ordained or rostered member of the LCMS to continue to build upon the school’s foundation and mission. Candidates should be seasoned leaders with experience needed to help the school navigate the myriad issues that arise in the complex and ever-evolving, international context. Please direct any interested candidates to this website (http://www.concordiashanghai.org/about/employment/head-of-school-search ) to learn more or apply by July 31, 2020.

April 24, 2020


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