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GLEnet Tips

Now we’re really in this altogether! All our schools are experiencing what our Asian educators have dealt with. Many of you haven’t seen the following from our LEADnet listserv, now posted on LEA’s Facebook.

Connections… Prioritizing Human Connection When Social Distancing is the New Norm (Beth Rabbitt in EdSurge/ASCD Global Edition SmartBrief).

Explaining COVID 19… In case they’re wondering… Kim Marxhausen has graciously offered her Faithparenting blog to help in Explaining COVID 19 to Children. And for older children: Answering Kids’ Questions About Why God is Allowing the Corona Virus to Happen (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

Yes, you’ve heard it over and over. (One more time won’t hurt.)
Words of Comfort and Healing During the Coronavirus (Keith Haney in The Light Breaks Through).

And over some more…
God’s Love in a Time of Pestilence: 4 Responses (Clint Archer in the Cripplegate).

Call for nominations… LEA Board of Directors. Details and nomination forms available in Word and PDF. Deadline March 23.

Online learning resources… Explore Smithsonian Institute’s resources for distance learning.

Consider the role of something like this in your online presentations…
Words of Comfort and Healing During the Coronavirus (Keith Haney in The Light Breaks Through).

“… together, teachers and students continue to interact with creation in order to build on the store of wisdom which has been passed on to this generation. It implies both a dynamic investigation of the secrets of creation while at the same time maintaining a patient respect for the truth” (Malcom Bartsch in A God Who Speaks and Acts).

March 20, 2020

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As many of you know first-hand… 10 Ways Leading an International School is Different (Gwen Byrom for Tes/ASCD Global).

Learning a language… 5 Ways to Support Struggling Students in World Language Classes (Elena Spathis in edutopia).

Apologies? See When the Church Apologizes for Its Beliefs (Trevin Wax in TGC). You might also see ABCs of Defending Your Faith, an LEA podcast by Brad Alles). More? Apologetics is in LEA’s DNA: Why Apologize? Engaging Challenges to the Faith for Educators in Lutheran Ministries, an LEA eMonograph by Michael Eschelbach.

Congratulations… LEA’s Board of Directors honored Chuck Winterstein with the Christus Magister Award.

But don’t get lost… Demonstrating Servant Leadership by Wandering Around (Jeff Abbott in Biblical Leadership).

There’s Hope…for a Peaceful Classroom… This latest LEA podcast by Tina Kassebaum is now available—one of your LEA membership benefits. Imagine a classroom where the noncompliant student learns to self-correct inappropriate behavior, where you eliminate repeated warnings and requests without using trendy gimmicks. Techniques provided in this podcast will increase the time you spend on academics while empowering your students to take responsibility for their actions and achieve success.

February 27, 2020


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