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GLEnet Tips

LEA Convocation… registration open. You might especially note the pre-convocation LEA Global Symposium. Of course, you’re welcome to attend any sectionals! Be sure to see Tips for an (Almost) Hassle-Free Registration before you begin your registration process.

Lofty standards…
The Seven Characteristics of Globally Competent Educational Leaders (Education Week Global Learning). (ASCD Global Edition SmartBrief)

Asia Lutheran Education Association’s 2019 Gathering: CONNECT registration is open. Details here. The conferences is April 12–14 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Watch for the spring issue of LEA’s Shaping the Future, coming in early April. Concordia University Chicago student Eden Schultz wrote the GLEnet page article, “Experiencing South Africa.”

Pro-Life needs to stay on the minds and hearts of educators in Lutheran ministries. See What is the Intellectual Cost of the Pro-Choice Position? by Luke Nix in CrossExamined.org. Also examines the Pro-Life Argument. And from the same blog… Abortion and the Theology of a Purposeless Life by Brian Chilton.

Bump the boredom! Read Dale Hudson’s Bored in Ministry? How to Bring the Excitement Back (ChurchLeaders). Then follow up with Cindi Rigsbee’s Fall Back in Love With Teaching (EdWeek Update/Education Week Teacher).

March 15, 2019

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Increase the value of your experiences! Infusing Lessons Learned Abroad Into My Classroom (Linda Tanini in Global Learning/ASCD Global Edition).

Really go global with International Days as described in ExchangeEveryDay.

Real-world problem-solving: See Learning Across Borders: Collaborative Global Projects (Cathy Collins in Global Learning/Education Week Spotlight). (EdWeek Update)

Heart and Seoul… Devotion and news from Pastor Bob and Alice: Keep Me and Keep All newsletter. Good to hear from our long-time LEA friends again—now in South Korea!

Take learning to the next level—down! A Christian Deeper Learning Introduction (CACE) will help you get there.

4 Tips for Handling a New Challenge to Your Faith (Sean McDowell Blog)… Yes, even teachers and administrators have them occasionally.

February 8, 2019


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