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GLEnet Tips

Stop by… Be sure to visit LEAconnects for access to all LEA resources. Easy to search and browse! No log in necessary. Come in and browse around. Don’t know what to expect? Let Laura give you a tour and navigation tips to ease your mind. You might be especially interested in the two-part video Learning in the Tension.

Something to understand? Strategies for Implementing Online Culturally Responsive Teaching (Larry Ferlazzo in Classroom Q&A/Education Week Teacher). How would your teaching biblical, Christian worldview impact your strategies or lessons?

See this… How Using a Little Sign Language Can Improve Online Classes (Sarah Schroeder and Rosemary Jane in edutopia).

More students—and effectiveness than you might realize… Many Kids Grow Up to Follow Jesus as Adults (Dale Hudson in Relevant Children’s Ministry).

The church fathers had church mothers. Next time you crave some deeper reading, check out
The Church Mothers Teach Us to Delight in Scripture (Han-Luen Kantzer Komline in Christianity Today).

Not the same… Is Learning on Zoom the Same as In Person? (Stephen Noonoo in EdSurge). 

Working on and wondering about Christmas worship? See LEA’s newest video, The Virtually Led Christmas Service 2020, a 38-minute video by Jeff Burkart—and don’t miss the downloadable companion piece that goes with it.

October 16, 2020

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Navigate LEAconnects—a new way to access LEA member benefits such as movies, webinars, podcasts, devotions, and… well, see for yourself—there’s so much more. Be sure to give the search feature a workout! Resources continue to be added. (LEA’s Resources tab remains available until we have all resources moved over to LEAconnects.)

Gospel Adventures… You can still register for 2020’s Go Mongolia, and you can register and learn more about 2021’s Thailand Trek! (Lutheran Hour Ministries).

People and cultures… Teaching a Global Curriculum During Distance Learning (Laurel Schwartz in edutopia).

Pray, praise, and give thanks… The
Prayer Page is now part of the Devotions drop-down under the Resources tab. You may need to scroll down the page. The Prayer Page is open to LEA members and non-members alike.

Have you seen this? The Supportive Network of Lutheran Schools: Concordia International School Shanghai—and Beyond (Lisa Baermann in Shaping the Future).

Questions, questions, questions… See this YouTube clip on high quality questions (Kris Rouleau for McREL International).

The Lutheran Junior Honor Association (LJHA) LEA designed LJHA for Lutheran schools to recognize students who exercise leadership, servanthood, and discipleship, while excelling at academics and to foster these qualities through service projects and other activities. More detailed information is available here. Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in LJHA-chartered schools are eligible.

You’ll be glad you went… The Lutheran School Administrators Conference, March 21–23, 2021 in Orlando. What will you learn? Lots from your colleagues and other respected Lutheran education leaders. Something for administrators at all levels! Want an example? “A New Lens on Governance and Leadership” by Donna Orem. You will discuss
how to stay ahead of market forces; create alignment around structures, processes, and programs; and develop strategies for success. Registration and details coming soon.

October 5, 2020


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