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GLEnet Tips

See LEA’s most recent podcast: ABCs of Defending Your Faith (May 2019) by Brad Alles.

From Lutheran Hour Ministries… You can still get Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru for your school. Visit gospeladventures.org to register or to download sample pages from the curriculum. Next year’s mission curriculum will take students to Mongolia!

New website at LCMS… Proclaiming Christ Around the World is a new mission-oriented website that highlights global missions (Reporter).

Worth exploring… biblical worldview resources from Summit Ministries. Note: Convocation keynoter is Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries. Also…
Worldview primer… Four Essential Questions for Teaching From a Christian Worldview (Jonathan Morrow).

LEA wants to celebrate teachers and students in Lutheran schools in a video montage shown during the 2019 convocation and in post-convocation promotionals. We invite you to participate in the celebration—even if you’re not able to attend the convocation. Here’s what makes for what we consider ideal photos:

  • Take several photos of teachers interacting with children—relational. Colorful close-up would be good!
  • Avoid photos of your building and posed group shots.
  • Photos should be hi res JPG (at least 1900x1080).
  • Submission of photos includes permission to use those photos as described above.
  • Upload your photos to https://www.dropbox.com/request/SKlTrVc0lN9wGFagCo5O.
  • If you want your school identified, please find a creative way to do it within the photo specifications above. Avoid static shots of your school’s sign.
  • Photos will be accepted through the end of May.

May 17, 2019

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Be sure to see the GLEnet page in the new edition of Shaping the Future: GLEnet: Experiencing South Africa by Eden Schultz—a Concordia University Chicago student.

Mmm, mmm, good! Connecting Students to the World Through Food Studies (Global Learning/Education Week).

Global greatness? Are Finland’s Schools Best in the World? (ExchangeEveryDay).

Is your program excellent? Place it in the perspective of Dale Hudson’s From the Small Details Emerges Excellence in Relevant Children’s Ministry.

LEA Convocation… registration open. You might especially note the pre-convocation LEA Global Symposium. Of course, you’re welcome to attend any sectionals! Be sure to see Tips for an (Almost) Hassle-Free Registration before you begin your registration process. Click here for links to all details.
   BTW: Have you met Eyes, Mind, and Heart? Learn a little about them here.

April 26, 2019


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