Pandemic Poetry Event

LEA members and their students were invited to contribute original poems inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some poems were lightly edited. Poems were not vetted for literary quality--simply an opportunity for self-expression.

Roses are red
And a violet is not an iris.
Hope you stay healthy
And not get the virus.
(Teacher Cindy’s brother)

Stuck in a great house
Get to pet amazing dogs
Go mushroom hunting
(James, grade 4 haiku)

When you're stuck at home,
The days go by so slowly.
I miss all my friends.
(Claire, grade 4 haiku)

As I sit and as I wonder I look around not in somber. 
But in my sight I see His beauty. Hey look—there's a beautiful Mulberry. 
One might wonder one might guess. Why these X (times) and Y the stress?

If you read closely, I just included math... in my ELA little craft.

So take a walk, play game, check out a Zoom, and don't be lame.
Say the pledge to the cross and don’t forget that Luther's morning prayer should not be lost.

Remember why we're called and what we do. Think of all the lost souls that could become anew.

Our work is great!

Principal Richard)

Pandemic Poetry Event

Reflection… Together We rise!

T’was the day before closure when all through the school, 
The teachers had plans, no changes seemed the rule.
We woke the next morning to hear the news
All schools were closed… not one life would we lose. 
Classrooms were left with lessons that await,
Reports to complete and stories to create.
Lockers with uneaten snacks, oh my!
An awful discovery for the custodian to find.

How did we teachers fight this foe?
To our Almighty God in prayer we would go.
With Jesus as our Captain, we sailed into the storm,
On-line learning for students would be the new norm.

With parents as partners, learning went on
Zoom meetings with students would weekly abound. 
On religion, math, spelling and reading,
Latin and Spanish, history, and writing.
To the top of the class ...to the end of the year...
Together we know that Jesus is near.

Leading, guiding, loving, forgiving, 
Blessed by His grace each day we are living.
Praying His prayer for daily bread, 
Together, we rise...
By our Omnipotent God we are led.
(Teacher Deanna)

Believe in Tomorrow

Thank you, God
for the rain outside
which gently sings
its' lullaby.

"Pitter-Patter" upon the window
my head rests sleepily on a pillow.

Gentle dreams throughout the night
I wake to mornings' new-born light.

The morning dawn sounds...quiet.
The moonlight evening rains fall...silent.

But lo-
upon the dampened ground
a tiny treasure
I have found.

A small green leaf
A tiny bud
the springtime rains from heaven above
have once again
brought life anew
a sign of hope...
for me, 
and for you.

School Director Lori)