Questions & Answers

Answers to the questions will expand and sometimes change (for the better), so be sure to check back regularly.

Q: Who should go to this conference?
A: You! Leaders of all Christian education ilks should come.

Q: I'm not sure I have an ilk. Will I be welcome?
A: Absolutely! School principals, early childhood directors, district education execs, CUS presidents and education department heads, synodical leaders, and, and, well...ilks of all education varieties will find relevance and growth here.

Q:Why Phoenix in February?
A: Nome was already booked. Same with International Falls.

Q: If I go to the NAC must I also attend the Best Practices in Ministry Conference?
A: No. But Best Practices is free, and it offers lots and lots and lots of helpful sessions.

Q: And if I want to register for both…
A: Register separately for the NAC and the Best Practices. HOWEVER, use the NAC site to extend your stay at the Crowne Plaza. (One hotel reservation; separate conference registrations.)

Q: How do I get from the Crowne Plaza to Christ Church Lutheran?
A: If you don’t have a car, don’t fret. Don’t walk, either. Best Practices provides a shuttle between hotels and their site. (More information when you get there.)

Q: How long can I wait to register for the hotel?
A: You can’t! Do it now or plan to spend the desert nights under a cactus. See Hotel Information. 

Q: Is the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport a nice place?
A: Absolutely! It’s several stars above Bud’s Bug & Breakfast on Route 202. If you want to review the Crowne Plaza’s amenities, click here. (But register ONLY via the official conference registration site.)

Q: What can I look forward to learning while at the NAC?
A: The difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

A: Just kidding. We’re really talking about the difference between crawfish and scorpions.

A: Okay—getting serious. You will learn ways to care about and for your staff.  Could anything be better?
A: Only not stepping on a scorpion.

Q: Is “Christ Church Lutheran” a typo?
A: No, it’s a congregation. Interesting priority in the name, wouldn’t you say?

Q: May I ask questions here too?
A: Do so at your own risk. No, no, I really mean yes. Address them to ed.grube@lea.org.

LEA NAC Updates & Highlights


2020 LEA National Administrators Conference
in partnership with Concordia Plan Services

(and in conjunction with Best Practices)

February 19-20, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona



Participants: Watch your email for the evaluation.