Questions & Answers

Answers to the questions will expand and sometimes change (for the better), so be sure to check back regularly.

Q: Who should go to this conference?
You! Leaders of all Christian education ilks should come. 

Q: I'm not sure I have an ilk. Will I be welcome?
A: Absolutely! School principals, early childhood directors, District education execs, CUS presidents and education department heads, synodical leaders, and, and, well...ilks of all education varieties will find relevance and growth here.

Why Phoenix in February
A: Nome was already booked. Same with International Falls.

Q: C'mon...
A: Okay. Phoenix in February is also the site of the very popular Best Practices in Ministry conference run by Christ Church Lutheran. We can bump up next to it as a real advantage for NAC participants.

Q: Don't you mean Christ Lutheran Church?
A: No.

Q: May I ask questions here too?
A:  Do so at your own risk. No, no, I really mean yes. Address them to ed.grube@lea.org. 


NAC Updates & Highlights

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2020 LEA National Administrators Conference

February 19-20, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona