Board of Directors

TBA (Chair)


Christy Wood (Secretary)

    Las Vegas, Nev.

David Bangert
Dallas, Tex.

Bernard Bull
Mequon, Wis.

Robert Cooksey

Omaha, Neb.

Drew Gerdes
Shanghai, China

Barbra Kozisek
Garner, Iowa

Kelly Lamkin
 Elk River, Minn.

Lisa Rogers
Phoenix, Ariz.

Mike Yurk
Grafton, Wis.





Jonathan Laabs, Ed.D.
    Executive Director

Edward Grube, LL.D.
    Director of Publications & Communications

Kathy Slupik
    Executive Assistant

Sharon Stadtwald
    Membership Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Martha Semanko
    Office Assistant

Kathryn Brewer
    Shaping the Future Artist

Phone 708-209-3343
Fax 708-209-3458


Network Task Forces

Network leadership teams phase out; network task forces phase in. Network leadership teams served for many years as advisors and workers for respective listservs, vetting nominees for awards, helping with the convocation, and the like. LEA is grateful for their service, which was tied to 3-year terms. Leadership teams will be replaced by various task forces, which will focus on completing a project or initiative within a specified time frame. For example, vetting nominees for the 2020 awards will be completed in two week’s time by the 2020 Awards Selection Task Force, composed of participants in EncourAGEnet. Several task forces are in planning stages for special projects identified with specific network interest areas.

Lutheran School Honor Society Task Force I (January 2020-May 2020)

Initiated a feasibility study and created a plan for establishing an honor society unique to Lutheran schools.

utheran School Honor Society Task Force II (April 2020 - indefinite)
Created a organizational plan for the Lutheran School Honor Society to begin operation August 1, 2020. Members of the task force will nurture and manage the plan through the first year of operation. Task force members from the first task force will carry over to this task force. Members are Denise Rice (Chair), Shirley Geiss, Keith GeRue, Ann Ryherd, and Suzan Winkelman.

Nomination Forms for 2020 Board of Directors (deadline March 23, 2020)

Form in PDF

Form in Word